Prayer by George Lernis, is an original composition inspired by the ongoing xenophobic beliefs and racism against immigrants based on their origins, religions and skin color. Featuring: Voice - Burcu Gulec Piano - Chase Morrin (BGJI Assistant professor) Bass - Bruno Raberg (BGJI Professor) Percussion - George Lernis Videography - Christos Tsiaras Mixing and Mastering - George Lernis Recorded in December, 2020

Parallel Universes Composed & arranged by George Lernis Recorded and mixed by Mac Ritchey Video recorded and edited by Christos Tsiaras

Turnaround (Ornette Coleman 1959) - performed by: Chase Morrin - piano, Vasillis Kostas - laouto, Naseem Alatrash - Cello and George Lernis - percussion

Widening Our Circle Composed & arranged by George Lernis & Jerry Leake Performers: George Lernis - darbuka/bendir/ankle bells/vocals Jerry Leake - tablas/ankle bells/vocals Bertram Lehmann - kudums/talking drum/vocals Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol - ud/vocal improvisation Crew: Mac Ritchey - engineer (and didjeridu) Sam Harchick - videographer/editor Recorded live at Possum Hall studios

“Uşşak Saz Semai” music: Salih Dede. “Hüseyni Nefes” music: anonymous, text: Şah Hatayi. Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol, ney, rebab, voice George Lernis, santur, bendir. Deticated in loving memory of Tom Zajac (1956-2115)