Mina Cho Jazz Quintet CD Release Party

Ryles Jazz Club, 212 Hampshire Street , Cambridge, MA 02139

Mina Cho’s Love Transformation CD Release Party: “Love Transformation”

February 15, 2017, 9pm, Cover $10 Ryles Jazz Club: 212 Hampshire Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

Piano: Mina Cho, Drums/Percussions: George Lernis, Bass: Sejun Kwon, Laouto: Vasilis Kostas, Violin: Elinor Speirs

Mina Cho is a Boston based pianist and composer who has extensively performed jazz, classical, and gospel music in the United States and overseas, exploring transformation of various cultural materials in composition and improvisation.

In her recent album, Love Transformation (2016), Cho presents 12 of her original compositions, creating a new cosmopolitan jazz identity by collaborating with her longtime bandmates from a variety of cultures: George Lernis (drummer/percussionist from Cyprus), Vasilis Kostas (laouto player from Greece), Elinor Speirs (violinist from South Africa), Shihai Li (alto saxophonist from China), Do Young Kim (bassist from Korea), Marza Wilks (cellist from New York), and Sami Stevens (vocalist from Maine). Cho’s Korean jazz spirit is expressed through her spatial and relaxed improvisation, which is elegantly intermingled with the sound of Greek traditional music and contemporary jazz idiom. Especially in “When the Wind Blows” one can hear an intriguing collective improvisation between laouto and piano, during which Kostas’s transformation of Greek makams and Cho’s chromatic horizontal lines create a dynamic musical dialogue. The sounds of traditional Greek, classical, and post-bop jazz music are seamlessly embedded in Cho’s extended compositions, such as “La Danza Concettuale” and “Epilogue: Simply Love You.”

As the title of this album implies, Cho’s cultural exploration in each track is connected by the theme of “love.” In Love Transformation, various manifestations of “love” in life are transformed into a unique musical form, and the waves of sound magically lead us to discover our own stories.

Cho’s cultural exploration is also found in her debut album Originality (2010), which features the styles of South American, Afro-Cuban, and Brazilian music and was favorably reviewed by several newspapers and magazines. She was voted the Best New Talent of the Year 2010 by Jazz Station, and her album was selected among the Best Albums of the Year by Jazz Station and DownBeat. In addition to her celebrated work as a recording artist, she appears regularly as a church musician and jazz pianist/composer in the greater Boston area. Cho is currently pursuing her doctorate in jazz composition and musicology at New England Conservatory where she also received a master of music degree (Pi Kappa Lambda nominee) in 2013. She received a Bachelor of Music (Summa Cum Laude) from Berklee College of Music in 2009.

At her CD release party Cho and her band members will present her original compositions from Love Transformation and her recompositions and arrangements of Greek traditional songs and her old time favorite popular songs, all of which have carefully been selected to feature the theme of the concert “Imagination & Love Transformation.” Please come and enjoy an exuberant night filled with imagination, creativity, and love! To find out more about Cho’s music, please visit her website: www.minachojazz.com.